Big Changes!

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to put in a quick bit here. I have had more and more people start coming to my blog. It's been exciting to see so many people interested in what I'm writing about. It's been great to think I am helping a lot of people in many ways (through my counseling and through my blog). Anyway, as I'm sure you've noticed. I haven't been writing nearly as often as I have about a month ago. Big changes have been happening (good ones) and it's taken a lot of time from me. Since I am the sole writer for this blog (and hope to keep it that way). That means I've had to cut back temporarily until some other projects get done.

But don't worry, in exactly three days I'll have more time on my hands and more time to dedicate to this blog. You'll see some good changes, like more links to more material, more posts more often and more content. PLUS I'll announce why the big change. Any guesses so far? I'll tell you more in three days :-)


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